Danforth Dialogues with Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice

Danforth Dialogues is a leadership series focused on a range of topics connecting our community to experiences during the pandemic and then taking those experiences and relating them to a broader set of leadership lessons. Podcast episodes are provided below for your enjoyment.

Season 2 | Ep. 5: A Journey in Leadership, Advocacy, and Truth with Joy-Ann Reid, Part 1

On today鈥檚 episode of Danforth Dialogues, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice sits down with Writer, Political Analyst, and Host of 鈥淭he Reid Out,鈥 Joy-Ann Reid.

Following a short stint in consulting, Mr. Reid started her broadcast career at a television station in Florida. Ms. Reid has been a morning radio talk show host, worked for former President Barack Obama鈥檚 2008 campaign, and served as managing editor of The Grio before hosting her own MSNBC cable news show, The Reid Report, in 2014. She also hosted AM Joy, a weekend political talk show on MSNBC, before becoming the first female Black host of a primetime cable news show on MSNBC鈥檚 The ReidOut.

Today, Dr. Montgomery Rice will explore Ms. Reid鈥檚 unique journey from film studies to becoming a prominent figure in journalism and TV personality on MSNBC. Mr. Reid shares her background growing up as a child of immigrant parents, what it means to be the first black female cable news anchor and more.

Tune in to this inspiring and educational conversation with pioneering political analyst and news host, Joy-Ann Reid.

Season 2 | Ep. 4: Leading with Compassion: Transforming Healthcare in Minority Communities

On today鈥檚 episode of Danforth Dialogues, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice sits down with Anthony Welters, Executive Chairman, BlackIvy Group and Trustee Emeritus, Morehouse School of Medicine.

Born in Harlem, Mr. Welters is a graduate of Manhattanville College in Harrison, New York and New York University School of Law. In 1989, Mr. Welters founded AmeriChoice Corporation which provided health services to Medicaid patients and was later acquired by United Health Group. Mr. Welter鈥檚 BlackIvy Group develops infrastructure companies in Ghana, Kenya and Tanzania.

In this episode, Mr. Welters and Dr. Montgomery Rice will discuss his road to successful entrepreneurship, his approach to leadership, and giving back to others. You鈥檒l hear Mr. Welter鈥檚 passion for serving communities both locally and abroad, as well as delivering healthcare solutions that people can trust, and improving health outcomes.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of Danforth Dialogues as Mr. Welters shares his remarkable journey and commitment to empowering communities worldwide.

Season 2 | Ep. 3: The Heart of Research: A Leadership Journey in Cardiovascular Science

On today鈥檚 episode of Danforth Dialogues, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice sits down with Dr. Gary H. Gibbons, Director of the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Dr. Gibbons joined the Morehouse School of Medicine in 1999 and founded the Morehouse Cardiovascular Institute. Prior to founding the Cardiovascular Institute, Dr. Gibbons served on the faculties of Stanford University and Harvard Medical School.

In this episode, you鈥檒l hear about Dr. Gibbons鈥 experience growing up in the Germantown neighborhood of Philadelphia and the confidence and self-belief he developed in his early years. He shares his passion for entering the field of cardiology, the story around his decision to leave Harvard to  join the 新澳门六合彩开奖记录, and the lessons he learned about engaging communities in a way that meets people where they are.

Tune in to this episode of Danforth Dialogues for an enriching exploration of Dr. Gibbons鈥 journey from Germantown to the forefront of cardiology.

Season 2 | Ep. 2 : Chosen to Thrive: A Pioneer's Journey in Leadership

On today鈥檚 episode of Danforth Dialogues, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice sits down with Cynt Marshall, CEO of the Dallas Mavericks. Cynt became the first African American woman to serve as CEO of a team in the National Basketball Association when she was named to the position in 2018. During this conversation, Cynt shared insights she has learned throughout her career. You'll hear about the early influence of her mother who emphasized serving others with her time, talent, and treasure and Cynt鈥檚 experience at AT&T, where she discovered the power of authenticity in leadership.

The episode delves into Cynt鈥檚 journey to help transform the Dallas Mavericks into a model of diversity and inclusion in the NBA and beyond. You鈥檒l hear her recipe for crisis management, emphasizing the critical role of vision and values in navigating challenges. She shares why a winning culture accepts and includes people, the values that have been crafted at her organization, and a powerful story of how one executive鈥檚 experience of not being included helped transform a company culture.

Don鈥檛 miss this opportunity to gain insights from a leader who faced challenges head-on, embraced authenticity, and is shaping a new paradigm in the world of professional sports.

Episode 17: From Crisis to Courage: Navigating Partnerships and Change in Drug Development

On today鈥檚 episode of Danforth Dialogues, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice sits down with Dr. Albert Bourla, Chairman and CEO of Pfizer. Join us as we unpack the story behind the decision to invest billions in developing the MRNA vaccine for COVID-19. Dr. Bourla sheds light on the challenges faced, from overcoming skepticism about untested technology to rallying a diverse team in the face of a global crisis.

In this thought-provoking conversation, we delve into the intricacies of leadership during a pandemic, the critical role of partnerships with organizations like the NIH, and the profound impact on human lives. Dr. Bourla shares firsthand experiences, revealing the behind-the-scenes efforts that led to the successful development of the vaccine. We also explore the broader implications for the future of healthcare, the importance of combating vaccine misinformation, and the commitment to inclusivity in clinical trials and global vaccine distribution.

Stay tuned for a deep dive into the lessons learned, the challenges faced, and the visionary outlook on the intersection of science, leadership, and the collective pursuit of a healthier world.

Episode 16: A Look Back at Pioneering Leadership Dialogues with Dr. Creshema Murray

In this impactful season finale of Danforth Dialogues, host Dr. Creshema Murray, an inclusion storyteller, leadership activist, and media maverick with over eighteen years of experience in advocating for equity and leadership development, revisits the thought-provoking discussions of Season One. She warmly acknowledges the remarkable contributions of Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice and shares her aspirations for the lasting imprint this series aims to leave in line with the mission of Morehouse School of Medicine, where she serves as Chief of Staff.

As we journey through the pivotal moments of the season, we re-engage with the insightful dialogues from our esteemed guests: Andrew Witty, CEO of UnitedHealth Group; Mayor Andre Dickens, the 61st Mayor of the City of Atlanta; Dr. Rochelle Walensky, former Director of the CDC; Lloyd Dean, former CEO of CommonSpirit Health; Dr. Helene D. Gayle, the 11th President of Spelman College; Chris Womack, President and CEO of Southern Company; and Laphonza Butler, the trailblazing former President of EMILY's List, recently appointed by California Gov. Gavin Newsom to succeed Senator Dianne Feinstein, marking a historic milestone as the first Black lesbian to openly serve in the U.S. Senate, with a notable career of advocating for women, working families, and inclusive representation in political and organizational leadership.

This episode encapsulates not only the enriching dialogues that unfolded but also teases the thematic avenues of Season Two. Dr. Murray, with her profound understanding of organizational change and leadership, shares her exhilaration for the upcoming season鈥檚 themes, goals, and potential guestsStay tuned as Dr. Murray hints at the engaging and transformative discussions slated for the next season, continuing to bridge conversations around gender, leadership, diversity, and much more, reflecting the core values of 新澳门六合彩开奖记录 and the essence of Danforth Dialogues. This finale is a springboard into more depth, more dialogue, and more understanding.

As we bid adieu to Season One, your journey with Danforth Dialogues is just beginning 鈥 subscribe, share, and stay connected for Season Two!

Episode 15: From Entrepreneur to Mayor: Andre Dickens' Journey in Empowering Atlanta

Join us in this exciting episode of Danforth Dialogues as Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice welcomes Mayor Andre Dickens, the 61st Mayor of the City of Atlanta. In this episode Mayor Dickens takes us on a captivating journey, sharing the experiences that prepared him to lead one of the most vibrant cities in the United States. From the inspiring "Midnight Basketball" program, which offers a safe haven for young people while providing essential resources such as food and employment opportunities, to Atlanta's role as a host city for the 2026 World Cup, we explore the mayor's dedication to empowering the community and fostering inclusivity.

During this engaging conversation, we delve into Mayor Andre Dickens' strategies for addressing healthcare service needs in Atlanta and his perspective on the development of what has been called, 鈥淐op City.鈥 Discover how Mayor Dickens stays focused and grounded in his demanding role and how his early aspirations paved the way for his current position. As he shares valuable insights and advice for young leaders, you'll be inspired by his passion for making a positive impact. Don't miss this thought-provoking episode filled with powerful lessons on leadership, equity, and empowerment in the heart of Atlanta.

Episode 14: Breaking Barriers: Leadership Insights for Powering a Better Future

In this enlightening episode of Danforth Dialogues, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice welcomes an iconic leader in the energy industry, Chris Womack. Womack made history as the first African American to be named President and CEO of Southern Company, one of the largest utilities in the United States. Starting his career with Southern Company in 1988, he climbed the ladder of success, eventually leading its subsidiary, Georgia Power, as Chairman, President, and CEO. 

What does it take to break barriers and navigate to the helm of a major corporation? How did his roots in government and lessons from his family shape his approach to leadership? What's his perspective on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the corporate world? Join us as Chris Womack shares his incredible journey and powerful insights on leadership and equity in this captivating conversation. 

Episode 13: Policy, Leadership, and the Future of Healthcare | Part 2

Join Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice as she sits down with Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS). In this inspiring episode of the Danforth Dialogues, they delve into topics including the role of the public sector in helping to expand health equity in underserved communities in the post-covid era. This is Part 2 of this two-part episode. .

Episode 12: Policy, Leadership, and the Future of Healthcare | Part 1

Join Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice as she sits down with Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS). In this inspiring episode of the Danforth Dialogues, they delve into topics including the role of the public sector in helping to expand health equity in underserved communities in the post-covid era.

Episode 11: Pandemic Preparedness and Vaccine Equity with Dr. Barney Graham

Join Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice as she sits down with the esteemed Dr. Helene D. Gayle, a trailblazing leader in public health and the 11th president of Spelman College. In this captivating episode of the Danforth Dialogues, they delve into invaluable lessons on leadership and explore collaborative approaches to promote health equity and societal advancement across communities.

A heartfelt thank you to Dr. Helene D. Gayle for sharing her wisdom, experience, and dedication to advancing health equity and leadership.

Tune in for this inspiring conversation that will leave you with a renewed perspective on leadership and the pursuit of health equity and generational impact  in our communities.

Episode 10: Pandemic Preparedness and Vaccine Equity with Dr. Barney Graham

After over 20 years as an investigator at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Barney Graham, MD, Ph.D. retired in September 2021 as deputy director of the Vaccine Research Center and chief of the Viral Pathogenesis Laboratory. He was recently elected into the National Academy of Sciences.

Earlier this year, Dr. Graham received the NAS 2022 John J. Carty Award for the Advancement of Science, which acknowledged his "groundbreaking work on a vaccine and monoclonal antibody development for COVID-19, respiratory syncytial virus, influenza, HIV, and other emerging viruses."

Dr. Graham has joined the MSM faculty as a Professor in the Departments of Medicine and Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Immunology (MBI) as of May 1, 2022. In addition, Dr. Graham will serve as Senior Advisor for Global Health Equity in the Office of the President and CEO.

Episode 09: Pioneering Health Equity For Generational Impact with Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH

Today鈥檚 episode features a conversation between 新澳门六合彩开奖记录鈥檚 President and CEO Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice and Dr. Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One of the key missions of Danforth Dialogues is to look at the lessons learned from the COVID-19 Pandemic and there is perhaps no other person more qualified to bring us unique insights in how we have addressed this once in hundred years global healthcare crisis. Dr. Montgomery Rice and Dr. Walensky will also talk about the ongoing need to improve health equity particularly in underserved communities.

Dr. Walensky has had a long and distinguished career in medicine and public health and is one of the country鈥檚 foremost experts on HIV/AIDS. And prior to taking the helm of CDC, she conducted research on developing the best strategies for vaccine delivery to underserved communities.

Episode 08: Our Journey to Improve Healthcare

Today鈥檚 episode features a conversation between 新澳门六合彩开奖记录鈥檚 President and CEO Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice and Andrew Witty, CEO of UnitedHealth Group, in which the two leaders discuss lessons learned from the pandemic, as well as a shared commitment to improving health care and health equity, particularly in underserved communities.

Episode 07: How MSM is working to Fight Health Inequities

In today鈥檚 episode, Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice sits down with Dr. Rick Kittles, Senior Vice President for Research, and Dr. Sandra Harris-Hooker, Senior Vice President of External Partnerships and Innovation at 新澳门六合彩开奖记录. They discuss the research continuum at Morehouse, the importance of having people who look like you in the medical field and partnering to eliminate health inequities. 

Episode 06: The Power of Women to Influence Public Policy

In this episode of Danforth Dialogues, Laphonza Butler, President of EMILY鈥檚 List, sits down with Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice for a Conversation of Significance. They discuss the intersection between disparities in health equity amongst communities of color and the power of electing women who can influence public policy. This episode was recorded live from the 2022 Annual Convention of the National Medical Association in Atlanta.

Episode 04: Advancing Health for all People Through the More in Common Alliance

Lloyd Dean, CEO of CommonSpirit Health sits down with Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice in the historic Danforth Chapel to talk about lessons on his leadership journey, some of the greatest lessons learned, and the weight of the responsibility of the Common Alliance with 新澳门六合彩开奖记录 and CommonSpirit Health.

Part 1

Part 2

Episode 03: Leadership Beyond The Pandemic: Challenges And Opportunities

In today's episode, Dr. Montgomery Rice sits down with her fellow Atlanta University Presidents as they share intimate details about some of the hardest decisions they had to make during the pandemic - Challenges like the mental health crisis they still face on the road ahead, how they came together as a close knit community of leaders amid these challenges, and they are continuing to persevere to move the needle historically black colleagues and university systems and the stakeholder communities they serve. We hope you enjoy this inspiring episode of Danforth Dialogues.

Episode 02: The Historic $10 Billion Investment to Advance Racial Equity at Goldman Sachs

In this episode, Valerie Montgomery Rice, MD, FACOG sits down with David Solomon, Chairman & CEO of Goldman Sachs to unpack the stories and overarching purpose behind their $10 billion direct investment initiative called One Million Black Women.

Episode 01: In the Midst of Crisis

Dr. Valerie Montgomery Rice, President and CEO of 新澳门六合彩开奖记录 and Dr. Michelle Nichols, Medical Director - MSM/MHC COVID-19 Vaccination Program, discuss the early return. 
FUN FACT: Dr. Montgomery Rice has a personal tie to Danforth Chapel having her daughter, Jayne, christened there 27 years ago by former Morehouse College President Robert Franklin Jr.

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